Businesses across the region entrust their computer systems and IT infrastructure management with Tamworth IT Solution. We pride ourselves on providing an impeccable level of service in our supply of a wide range of world class information technology products and services.

Our services include:

• Systems and workflow analysis to develop an IT strategy that will provide the most suitable solution.
      Improve efficiency.
      Increase productivity.
      Minimise downtime.

• Server, Workstation, Laptop and Tablet - supply, installation and support.
      We support all Microsoft, Apple Mac, Unix, Linux and Android operating systems.
      SME Applications and Networking equipment.
      On site and Remote IT support to ensure your problems are dealt with promptly.
      Supply and Authorized Warranty Repairs for Octek Servers and Workstations.
      Priority and Standard Support Agreement options are available.

• Cloud Computing and Cloud Services.
      Feasibility, planning, implementation and migration to Cloud based solutions
Software as a service, such as Microsoft Office 365
      Infrastructure as a service, such as Microsoft Azure data centre service.

      Understanding the implications of storing your data with a third party.
      Understanding the implications of where your data is geographically located

• Network and Connectivity Solutions.
      Wireless networking including managed access points for Hotels, Cafés and other Venues.
      Long range point to point wireless networking to interconnect buildings and equipment.
      Provision of both hardware and software routing, filtering and firewall technologies.

      Internet service load balancing and failover to increase internet speed and availability.

• Disaster planning and recovery.
      Monitored backup services to ensure all critical business data is secure.
      We provide standby hardware including Server's and Desktop PC's for client emergency use.
      Develop redundancy and perform planning and staging to keep downtime to a minimum.

• Security Analysis.
      Threat surface reduction.
      Virus Protection.
      Online Security.
      Security Policy development.

• Custom Software Solutions.
      With a background in Computer Science and Software Development, we service the complete application development life-cycle.
      Custom Business Workflow Solutions.
      Highly Scalable, Multi-User, Database Development.

      Process, Data and Information Management.
      Product integration (MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero and more).

      Hardware Integration and Control.
      Rapid Application Prototyping.

      For more information, examples and case studies please visit Easirun Software Solutions.

• Advanced data recovery services.
      We are equipped with the industries leading hardware and software data recovery tools.
      Data recovery for failed Hard Drives, failed USB flash drives
SSD, SD, CF, Camera's, Video Camera's and other flash memory devices.
Recover data from Mobile Phones and Tablets.
      Physical damage, data corruption, undelete deleted files
RAID Re-Assembly.
      For more detail please visit Tamworth Data Recovery.


We invite you to Contact Us and experience the impeccable level of service provided by Tamworth I.T